Permanent Jewellery has Arrived!


Permanent Jewellery

Salon + Training

Training Now Available!

Permanent jewellery has been gaining in popularity and is a fun way to celebrate a special event or milestone, with a memorable keepsake that will last forever!

As the premier salon to bring permanent jewellery to Sydney, Lash Lift Sydney is now offering the first training for application of permanent or welded jewellery in Sydney!

In our comprehensive course you will learn how to safely apply the jewellery, which types of jewellery should and can be used, who is able to have permanent jewellery, as well as insider tips on suppliers, and more.

Be able to offer permanent jewellery as an additional service in your salon immediately after completing training.

Note that prices on training are subject to change at any time, at the sole discretion of Permanent Jewellery Sydney. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The new trend billon dollar industry waiting to erupt  - welded jewelry.

A custom designed chain without a clasp, that we weld together.

Hence giving the name permanent jewelry. With the options being necklaces, bracelets, rings, and anklets, belly chains, rings or anything custom made for your client 

  • New Market meaning booming industry / untouched market 
  • Very High Profit Potential
  • Quick Service - time efficient 
  • Always on the go and not confined to one space - Different Venues (Events / Studio / Parties)
  • Permanent Jewellery Information
  • What makes permanent jewellery so exciting? 
  • How permanent jewellery can benefit your business
  • Legal
  • Agreement 
  • Checklist 
  • Welding protocol / operation 
  • Pricing
  • Marketing / up selling 
  • Social Media hacks 
  • Setting Up your work station 
  • Tools
  • Repairs 
  • Safety Protocol
  • Liability & consult forms 
  • Chains, Charms, Jump Rings & connectors 
  • Supplier information 
  • Machine troubleshoot 
  • Argon Gas
  • Metals 
  • Electrical circuits, grounding wire & connection points 
  • Hosting your events
  • Define your own style and create your own style

+ So much more!

  • Theory and Practical
  • Live demonstrations on how to use the welding machine
  • Certification upon completion of course
  • Option to purchase professional kit
  • In-Depth professional manual
  • Free Mentoring Session
  • Exclusive student discount code for supplies
  • Lifetime support
  • Group access

Permanent Jewellery Sydney is proud to have teamed up with Permanent Jewellery Wholesale to bring you an exclusive starter kit filled with high-quality materials and supplies to get you started on your permanent jewellery career!

There is an option to purchase the kit both with, and without, the welding machine.

Kit Contents:

  • Satellite, Gold-Filled (1ft)
  • Satellite, Sterling Silver (1ft)
  • Elongated Rolo, Gold-Filled (1ft)
  • Elongated Rolo, Sterling Silver (1ft)
  • Figaro, Gold-Filled (1ft)
  • Figaro, Sterling Silver (1ft)
  • Cable, Gold-Filled (1ft)
  • Cable, Sterling Silver (1ft)
  • BONUS Random Chain, Gold-Filled (1ft)
  • BONUS Random Chain, Sterling Silver (1ft)
  • Pack of 200 assorted jump rings (100 Gold-Filled, and 100 Sterling Silver)
  • Assorted Charms and Connectors (x5)
  • 1.5mm Chain Nose Pliers (x1)
  • Earthed Pliers (x1)
  • Cutters (x1)
  • Leather Patch (x1)
  • Welding Goggles (x1)

This exclusive collection presents a lucrative potential for generating profits of up to $2,200!

We have several options available, depending on whether or not you would like our exclusive starter kit and professional welding machine included.
Training is currently available at a special introductory price, starting from $999. All courses require a $500 deposit, with the balance to be paid in full prior to commencing the training and receiving your kit or machine (if you have opted to purchase them).

Scroll down for detailed pricing and inclusions.

Have questions?

If you're not sure which training option to choose or would like to book in person training please fill in the form, and we will be in touch with you within two business days to discuss training options!