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Lash Lift Full Kit

Everything you need to perform professional lash lifts. Containing high-quality products from Permalift, this lash lift kit has enough supplies to perform up to 100 treatments. 

Kit Includes:

  • Permalift Lashlift Pro Express Perming Lotion (5ml)
  • Permalift Lashlift Fixing Lotion (5 ml)
  • Permalift Lashlift Keratin (5ml)
  • Permalift Insulator
  • Permalift Lash Glue (5ml)
  • Permalift Lash Bath (60ml)
  • Permalift Cleaning Brush
  • Permalift Oblique Cut Brush
  • Permalift Lint-Free Gel Pads (x20)
  • Permalift Silicone Shields (One set each of S, M, M1, M2, L)
  • Colour Cup
  • Fringe Brushes (x25)
  • Intensive Blue Black Tint
  • Intensive Oxidant 3% Tint Developer
  • Y-Comb


Instructions for use are included with the kit. 
For professional use only.